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Originally posted by BlueBabyBenz
You didn't answer the question about spare keys. Have you tried locking/unlocking the doors with the key in it's current state, from one of the other doors? If that is impossible, I am almost 100% positive the pin is jammed.

So the key is horizontal and you are not able to turn it? Working the key may release it, but too much working the key may also break it, and you would be worse off then.

I assume from your last post that the doors are not locked at the moment.

This procedure is based on the 190, but I believe it is similar for your car. My apologies if it's not, and any 124 owners are welcome to provide the correct procedure.

You will need a set of Allen keys, (Less than $5 dollars at an auto parts store).

When you open the door, there should be a small black plug up near the locking mechanism, on the END of the door, ie the part that is hidden from both inside and outside.

Remove the plug. Helps if you have long fingernails.

Look in the opening to see a screw head needing an allen wrench.

Back off the screw head about 1/4", not turns, but 1/4" in distance.

Now, take the rectangularish assembly where the key is stuck, and pull it backwards, towards the rear of the door, or towards the rear of the car. Normally you would have to turn the key to about 2 o'clock position before doing this, but I suspect the pin is broken and/or jammed.

When you do this, you should feel that assembly loosen, and you will be able to pull it outwards, toward you.

Pull carefully, as it can hang up on the gasket. Also, retest the key at this point. You may have loosened the pin, and the key may turn, and the key may come out once in the vertical position. If this is true, you can halt the procedure there and live with the unusable lock on the driver's side. If you want to continue, keep pulling outward. There may or may not be wires attached, but if there are, they will be attached with an easily disengaged plug.

If this procedure works, it should come away from the jammed pin, and I'm guessing the assembly will now turn, and the key will come out. If it doesn't, and if the key is still stuck, you can take the assembly to a locksmith. He should be able to remove the key. In either case, fixing the broken pin is a different story.

Warning: At this point the handle that opens your door is loose and can be removed or fall off. If you are worried about losing it through vandalism, etc., you might be better to remove it too, by pulling it backwards and out.

There will be a minor trick to get the assembly back on, but it's not complicated. It's essentially the reverse of the removal. Just be gentle and patient, and you will know when it feels right.

Good luck.
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