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1) engine oil - Mobile 1 Synthetic 15W50
2) gearbox oil - Mobile Synthetic ATF
3) rear axle oil - Synthetic 80W90
4) brake fluid - DOT 4 Plus either ATE Blue or Pentosin
5) coolant - Mercedes-Benz antifreeze mixed 50/50
6) power steering oil - Synthetic ATF
7) spark plugs - Bosch Platinum Plus 4 (number 4458)

1) Valve cover star logo and "MERCEDES-BENZ" nameplates are missing. God knows how it managed to get peel off the cover? I guess I need gtop order a new valve cover.

On my valve cover Mercedes-Benz and the Star Logo are cast into the metal cover. If the car is difficult to engage gears when cold check the transmission oil and see if it is gear lube. It must be ATF. I use a synthetic ATF but Dexron II or III will work. I don't know what is available in your area.
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