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Question 300TD - Post Replacement Ignition Lock Problem

Have just recently gone thru the whole tumbler replacement routine (45 min key jiggle sessions then temp replacement with 'shop' lock followed by permanent replacement tumbler) with my 82-300TD.
Everything was fine for about 2 months and then it started to snag again (with either original or barely used spare key). I took it back to the shop and of course it wouldn't jam on demand and the mech is very gently saying 'I can't fix what ain't broke'. A couple of days later it goes into Christine mode and jams again briefly. I'm planning on going back and ask them to humor me and pop out the tumbler and reinstall just to make sure it's seated properly. However, going over the numerous threads on this issue I'm still a little unclear on what role the steering lock might play in a jamming scenario. Can it be examined for wear when the tumbler is removed or is it totally separate procedure? Would certainly appreciate any further suggestions or recommendations. Thx.
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