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Unhappy Where is the cooling fan for the electronic modules on a 600 SEL??

Hello All,
I have a few questions concerning a 92 600 SEL.
I have thought about it and decided to ask one or two questions in each post.
If anybody feels that would NOT be OK, please do let me know.
The car had 125,xxx miles on it, when the check engine light came on and the car went into limp mode shortly thereafter. Whenever the car is stopped for 30 or so minutes and upon restarting, the engine functions normally, but half an hour to an hour later it goes into limp mode again! Which led me to think the malady is time sensitive!
Upon checking the stored fault codes, one which attracted my attention was that one of the electronic modules under the hood is over heating.
I tried to locate the cooling fan responsible for cooling the electronic modules but failed because I don't know where it should be and I can't trace any sound it should be emitting (the fan, that is)
I'd appreciate it if anyone can tell me where to look for it and/or if he/she thinks it is/ is not the culprit.

Thank you.
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