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Unhappy 1994 C-220 Idle Problem and Wiring Problems

Hello Everyone! Im new to this site as well as to Mercedes Benz. I just purchased a one owner '94 C-220 with 52,000 miles and need some serious help as well as advice. I drove the car home from Texas to S. Florida putting on over 1500 miles. My first problem is the idle. She idles fine in Park or Neutral but when engaged into Reverse or Drive the car begins to vibrate horribly. Its worse in Reverse than Drive but in either gear its obvious something is wrong. It doesnt matter if the engine is warm or cold. As soon as you accelerate the vibration disappears and it seems to run fine. Yesterday upon detailing the car I noticed the wiring insulation around the #1 fuel injector was gone leaving both wires completely exposed. Upon further inspection I noticed that ALL of the wiring insulation around the engine block was either cracked or missing!!!!! All of the injector wiring insulation is cracked down to the wiring as well as the wiring under the plastic covering on the forward half of the engine. I tried to wrap the exposed wires on the #1 injector with black electrical tape to keep them from touching and while doing so the remaining plastic wiring insulation fell off!!! This is an obvious wiring defect. Ive now lost a nights sleep over my first Mercedes purchase. I called our local dealer this morning at 07:00 and asked if I could bring it in and was told they were too busy, I would have to drop it off and they would look at it when they have time. I sincerely appreciate any help that those of you familiar with my problem can give.....
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