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Mr Robby,

Thanks very much for your info. Cleared up much of the doubts I had about the maintenance items.

Again, i must say i am surprised that mercedez manual gearboxes require auto Dextron II/III trans. fluid.

Has any of the forum users used other lubes such as redline MTL for the 16V manual trannies?

I have also found a spare 16V engine for sale. Cost is approx US1000/= . thinking of buying and keeping for a rainy day later on. Not so easy to find in my place. Found a 2.5-16V + AT full front cut complete with SLS rear axle for sale price is US$2500. Was hit on the left side onto the wheel arches. Engine and tranny condition was ok. too expensive and no place to store.

again, robby thanks .

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