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Talking Here are the codes

Thanks for the reply. I have CD's for the 126 but none for the 140, I did not know they were available! please tell me where I can get them.

Thank you too for the reply.
I would still like to know where the fan is. If it is the climate control fan as Steve has indicated, then what happens when you don't run the AC system for whatever reason?
To address your point about the codes, here are the codes from those systems which did report error codes:

1-DM-LH--->06(Idle speed control inoperable)

38(I could not find out what this one is)

05(Exhaust gas recirculation inop) Could this be the reason behind a mysterious clicking noise which emanates from underneath the passenger side intake manifold while the engine is NOT running(very much like the clicking sound you hear when the starter solenoid is not getting enough current)

47(Could not find out what this one is, either)

2-OP(Could not find out what this system is!!)
---->05(Module box int. Temp Beyond Limit)

06(Cooling comp E1 temp/Electromagnetic clutch close tightly)????

3-SPS--->01(Speed sensor itive power, steering module faulty)
I don't know what "itive" is! Could it be a truncated positive?

4-RST---->03(Limit sw right locked)

05(Limit switch right closed)

16(Limit sw roll bar retracted??) Does the car have hidden desires to be a convertible??

18(Lim sw right front door)

19(Veh. speed signal illogical. Can only be read to control ver 7.6

I apologize, I tried to format this post so it would appear semi intelligible, alas it is not cooperating.
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