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I hope they broke their hand! I have been calling around, Puma is closed for Veterans day today. The lights are Hella with MB symbols/numbers on the back, so I think the Bosch lenses may not fit. Or am I wrong?

Performance Products quoted $99/lens, and one month before they get here. Since the lights are 15 years old and plastic is aging, I am toying with the idea of new Euros instead of pumping $200 into the old ones. It will depend on what I find on the reflectors when I get in there.

If I do go with new lights, do you miss the fogs - how often do you get to use the driving lights? Are the driving lights and chrome surround worth the cost of 500E lights as opposed to 300E euros?


Thanks for the tip! I will try cleaning them with a microfiber and distilled water. When I worked with lenses in college the silvering was very easily damaged, and I am a bit cautious of trying to clean the headlamp reflectors for fear of messing up the light output. The Hella site in Germany shows parts numbers for replacement reflectors, but I can't imagine what the cost would be even if a US shop could order them.

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