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Okay, I have replaced the spark plugs, spark plug wires, o2 sensor, distributor cap & rotor, and fuel pressure regulator. Last night, while checking the threads again. I came upon something about the 300TD fuel injection thread. It specified about the idle valve control. Now, I read about this before on another thread and someone said there isn't one for the 400E but, last week or so. I heard a tick from a device behind the horn in front of the Ignition control module. It has two hoses and a electronic connector on top. One hose on the side says nothing and the other hose is imprinted,"hot" It was ticking like a time bomb while, I pulled up in the garage. I did not want to touch it since, I did not know what it was. The ticking stopped after, I restarted the engine. I did not know what was until, last night when the thread about the 300E described the same component. So, I took out some contact cleaner spray and sprayed it into the hose where the ticking(hose not labelled "hot") was as, well as the idle control valve internally. Then, I sprayed a little WD-40 becasue, the 300TD F.I. thread mentioned to do that. Now, my car idles smooth as silk. So, you might want to do this first. It takes about 3 mins. So, I am closing out this thread about half a year later finally!
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