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thanks for your direction,kerry!i just talked to my friend and he told me all is well now.turns out the servo wasn't the problem.i'll go into detail a bit for the benefit of others.the footwell servo is controlled by a solenoid,that is connected to the floor switch on the control panel.there are three solenoids in a row,all controlling one function or check the panel switch,he disconnected the lead from the solenoid for footwell and put it on the second solenoid and press the button and it activated that function-so switch is fine.he then switched solenoids(#1&#2)and this cycle the footwell as it footwell servo is fine but solenoid is kaput.a while back he disconnected his a/ i suggested that he swap the solenoid #2(this one is for a/c) for #1 and everything is peachy.thanks for all your help
for those of you reading this i hope i made it easy to understand.if it makes sense to me i'm sure all of you will have no problem!
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