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To topside, or not to topside, that is th.......... ,

I don't think Andras was out to personally insult anyone. He was making a joke. Lighten up.

More importantly, he correctly pointed out the preventive maintenance advantage of getting underneath the car every once in a while to see what might be falling off. It's much more convenient to find it at that time, than to have to walk back up the road, and pick up the part, so you know what to go buy.

We all have different methods involved with taking care of our beloved MB's. Some of these methods work for some folks, and other methods work for other folks. We share our methods so that we can take it all in and formulate what works for ourselves.

Bill Woods pointed out the baffles in his oil pan. I didn't know that there were any pans that looked like that inside. I know my 240D doesn't. He knows his own vehicle well enough to be aware of it. Thanks to his posting, and graphics, we all know, and have something further to consider. BTW, I think Bill uses the method that gives him the best of both worlds. He has the convenience of the topsider, and compensates by changing his oil twice as often. (Change it hot, and change it often)

Good luck,

Larry Bible
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