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Unhappy 1990 300E exterior light issues!!!

Ok, I'd just like to start by saying that this new problem is absolutely the last straw and then this car is going to be sold or parted out. Ok, that said....I had a pinched/frayed wire underneith the relay box that went to the right-side rear marker light. This frayed wire was fixed, but it eventually shorted out the circuit within the lamp control box (biggest black box in relay-box) that controls that light. So, I went and bought a used lamp control box and installed it. Every bulb on the car checked out ok at the shop, but once i drove back home and tried it again, now the left-side marker light is out, and it is not the bulb (but the turn signal in the same bulb works). I guess my question is, should I just get another lamp control box and hope all is well, or is there a bigger problem I am just not seeing that would make these individual light circuits blow??? Sorry for the long post. I just have never been so frustrated with a car in my life. You'd almost think that the electical system was made by LUCAS (the inventors of darkness). --- Mikey
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