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Mounts arrived today, I installed in about 2 working hours. Very easy job.

Now that I've been through it on the 126 a couple things to pass on. First, be sure to pull the two clips for the fan shroud. This will allow the shroud to move upward as the enigine lifts. You also have to remove the lower nut and bushing from the engine shocks to gain enough lift.

I started on the passenger side - the harder side. Harder because the starter is on that side and takes up some working space. I found that getting the inner mount to frame cap screw out required a little tool modification. I had to cut off about 3/8" of the short leg of a 6mm allen wrench to get that bolt out. My 6mm hex socket was too tall to fit between the mount at the arm, and I didn't want to remove the arm and the allen wrench was too tall and I couldn't get on the screw because I was hitting the starter. While I was at it, I cut about 3/4" off the long leg. This allowed me to use my 1/4" drive ratchet and a 6mm socket plus the 3/4" piece as a drive. Worked great.

Driver's side was much easier as there was more working room.

You can see how much the mounts have collapsed over the years. Replacing the mounts took nearly all of the idle shimmy out, I can hardly tell the motor is running.
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