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W- 123 backfires , no oomph.

W-123 gas V-6 with 4bbl Solex - wagon body with clean exhaust system. I am slowly working out the gremlins in this car. It is so well engineered and is as solid as a brick *****house in a hurricane...I love it!!!

with respect to carb function.. it has 2 issues right now...

1 - is has some backfire and gets bogged down when cold - can bad elctrics like coil, spark or rotor cause backfire too ??( new ones are on the way anyway)

2 - When driving it does not want to shift if I have any pressure on the gas pedal, I have to lift off for a second and it shifts smoothly all the way up to overdrive( mashing the pedal that extra inch) when I do this the engine revs and gets louder but it has no oomph and can actually slow use to take off like a rocket. and runs very strong right before this happens ( maybe the big butterfly on the carb or should look to resetting tranny linkage ?)

I am a total neophyte with a manual. My other car is an old fuel injected range rover ( although it will get dual stroms one day and loose the ECU) .. I have searched this site for an hour looking for clues and other than the possible electrics causing the cold backfire I am still a blank slate!!

Sealing around the winshield stopped the interior rain feature I initially posted about..

Thanks for any tid bits.

Jason Bradley
Birmingham, Alabama
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