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66 is about 10 dollars more than what I paid at, $56.00 and change, a complete unit, including the push rod. Since the local MB shop wanted about $60 just for the vacuum body, I didn't feel bad buying the whole unit.

Now I can see about ordering some rubbers, and I can rebuild the ones I pulled out, and have good spares for the next time.

I know what you mean about the elements Steve. The right rear, was soooo bad, the upper body was full of water (washed the car the night before), and the lower rubber was really dry rotted. I found the window stop tabs were bent down a few degrees, which allowed the windor rail to make contact. The is what rubbed the hole to begin with. The tabs have been straightened, and the window does not make contact - for now. Looks like 27 years of rolling up and down took it's toll as well.

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