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Question Fuel Accumulator, 4.5 SL,SLC,SEL Federal. California, Euro. Whats the difference?

I have a 1979 450SLC, that I have put a 450 SEL engine into. I've had hot start problems and amoung the suggested "fixes" was a new Accumulator. I ordered the Accumulator for a 79 450SLC Federal . The car was imported by a private party and did not have much in the way of smog equipment when I got it.
Bottom line, what is the difference in these various accumulators, my mechanic says I have the wrong one. Any idea what the right one may be or is it just sizes and fittings, ???? Incidently, the hot start problem, crank-crank and crank until it started with reluctance was there on both engines, the 450 SL and the SEL engine.
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