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thanks for all the help, but...

"Most causes of high current are electrical problems in the armature or connections or a mechnically locked pump (bearings siezing)."

Uh...could you explain that?

BTW, I have no reason to believe that Raul was trying to be dishonest. Reember, the car ran fine for three days before it stopped. If he was trying to jack me, he could've done day one.

Another thing. Prior to the repair, I had noticed that the exhaust seemed more noxious than normal. Didn't really think much of it since it is an old car. It does seems to be, so far, much less noxious after the replacement.

I noticed something different though. Previously, whenever I would get gas, when I took off the gas cap, I would hear a hiss. I understood that this was normal. Got gas today (first time since out of the shop) and nothing. Should I be alarmed by this?

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