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It's always been working and yes, I checked it again today. No ABS light. It is not the fuses in the computer box. I checked those already about 5 months ago.

I still have to do the wiring harness because, I checked the insulation and the insulation looks similar to the pictures of the corroding wiring harness pictures that were previously posted.

I checked the list of DTC codes and if the wiring harness was a problem. Wouldn't it trip code 19 for my car? Code 19=Fuel injectors open/short or self-adaption in LH-SFI control unit (N3/1) at limit. That lead me to believe it was something else.
The wiring harness consists of fuel injector wiring and temp wiring. Correct me if I am wrong. The computer with the fuses has the Cruise Control , ABS, and something else. i forgot. That is what I was lead to believe from the past posts on the forum.

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