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The vibration started about 2 or 3 months before the transmission was replaced and has remained ever since. The tranmission was replaced last November. Thus far the tech speculated:

Torque Converter
Harmonic Balancer
Hydrallic Adjusters (???)
Fuel pump (tech admitted he was really reaching on this one)

The car is going back Wednesday for the actual diagnosis; the above suggestions was just the tech thinking out loud after I asked him for his first impressions.

The tech thinks it a rotating item causing the vibration (ie not an ignition or fuel delivery problem). To make a long story short; we've gone through the fuel system and electric system. This post covers the vibration history:
'95 E420 - Vibrations in Steering Wheel at Idle

Coming back to the vibration; it is felt whether car is in drive or nuetral (at idle) or in park/reverse. While driving the car - acceleration and cruising is very smooth. No misfires, hesitation, etc.

The vibration occurs after the car has been stopped for a couple seconds - for example - coming to a red light, car stops, tach decreases to +/- 550 RPMs, in about 2 to 4 seconds it settles to 500 RPMs (its usual home) and the vibration begins. It easily felt in the steering wheel, seats and can be heard if stereo and vents are off. The engine mounts and transmission mount have already been replaced along with the flex-disc.

The vibration can also be felt in nuetral and park, but you have really be tuned in to hear it - it's about 50 to 75% less noticeable compared to when the car is in gear (the tech picked up on after a couple of minutes). Also, at around 1200 RPMs (when in nuetral or park), the car gets a slight shake.

In the last 3 months: 90k service done, caps, rotors, wiring harness, fuel filter, pressure test, ignition test (scoped the ignition), fuel injectors rebuilt (serviced, cleaned, new o-rings, cups, seals, spray test & PSI test), crank sensor replaced, air temp sensor replaced, viscous fan replaced, aux fan relay and some other filters. Not all of these items were replaced in relation to the vibration - had a cooling issue & cold start problem.

Sorry to run on for so long, but it is almost inevitable that somebody will ask why the torque converter needs replacing
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