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Thanks for the responses.

Okay, I have not yet seen the Euro lights, these are from a Euro car. My 300E has 9003's or something like that. From your responses it sounds like there is a connector that goes to the assembly and then the bulb connection is within the assembly. This is the same deal as with 123 Euro's, you just have to move the pins around in the connector. When I did it on the 123 I did not have any instructions, I just had to use a voltmeter and figure out which was which.

These posts will give me what I need to know I'm sure.

I emailed the seller that I will take the lights, so I hope I can execute the deal. I am getting the level switch and trim plate with the lights.

I should've done this years ago before hitting so many animals because the 2 cell flashlight headlights didn't allow me to see them in time. The car would look much better today.

Thanks again for the responses,
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