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In the Light of Day

Thanks for all the comments. What looked like oil at dusk became trans fluid at dawn. The trans was removed during the course of earlier work and front seal, filter, fluid replaced. Prior to this being done there was a very small leak that would yield a drop or two after extended driving - didn't expect to see it after the trans was serviced.

Old girl is back in the shop - did get the right response when I took the car back - sorry, I'll check it out ASAP, fix the problem and get you back on the road, no cost to you.

Consensus on the original question (could oil leak be pressure related) was no, IF everything was functioning properly. Crankcase vent system was highlighted as a possible culprit which made sense to me and while the car is being worked on I'll make sure that is looked at specifically even though it is a non-issue for now. You guys were great.

Many thanks.

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