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Sorry for the length of the post, I have a few things to mention. Interesting update, at least I think so. I was out earlier driving to the hardware store and heard a noise that was metallic and thought it might be the water pump (it's new though), a/c, alternator, or something like that...Got out checked and could not find anything wrong so I got it home (a few miles away) and checked, got out a stethoscope and did some more checking and came up with nothing, crawled underneath and there was my crank damper in pieces. So now I get to work on that before I can continue.

I cannot believe I missed (forgot) this detail..... I thought I used the Beru plugs that I read about but it was taking way to long to get them so I bought some Bosch plugs when I put my order in at one of the more popular Benz parts places (not sure which). Turns out that they are Bosch Super Plus, HR 9 DC+. So how much difference would this make?
In reply to the timing, I did have the cam gear removed because I had a newer cam put on...There was some wear on mine and I had read that if it needed replaced it was best to replace it with a cam from a 90's M1003 (not sure which year right now) because they are supposed to be stronger. Not sure how true it is....I just read it on the internet. I did make sure I was at TDC and the cam was lined up properly as well as using the correct bolt holes for the gear.....Now I do have to be honest that my method for finding top dead center was not what the Mercedes program said but I was told by a MB mechanic that it would work perfectly fine, I did the dowel through the plug hole method. I hope I did not mess up by following those directions.
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