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Finally got around to actually replacing this arm..

Still in progress, however cant remove the inner bolt closest to the drive shaft. The flex disc is in the way :/

I'd rather not remove the flex disc, trying to figure out a way around that...

UPDATE: annnd I didn't need to remove it at all.

I had to cut the parking brake cable for this side. No big deal, new one is only $30. I don't think I've used the parking brake ever. I've got all the hardware stashed away, maybe next time I have the car up in the shop, I'll have them repair all of that.

Got the arm out and here are some pictures of the old arm, new arm, and under the car. The old arm was pretty rusted, not as bad as my friends 300SE's arm was but pretty bad. The SE's arm had a crack that ran along the arm and caused the wheel to camber.

Some surface rust on the subframe, nothing to be concerned about really. It doesnt seem all that hard to drop the subframe on this car, so maybe when I feel more adventurous in the future, I'll drop it and coat everything appropriately. Aside from the exhaust pipe rust and some surface rust there really isnt much on this car.

I've had to stop as it would appear the bottom shock mount bolts are too short for this arm. I'll stop off at the hardware store tomorrow and get some longer stainless ones.



Some under carriage shots:

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