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Re: Thanks for the information

Originally posted by benzoC230

I don't feel so bad about paying 3hrs labor given your explanation. The guys at this shop know their MB's and I trust that they would never rip me (or others) off. I'm sure they fixed the wiper properly -> the way you described it above.

I just want to add this becasue, I and everyone else has been there about, paying too much or regretting about car repair.

Another thought is that fixing vs. replacing the part is a whole lot cheaper. I don't think the monowiper assembly is cheap in which, a dealer would probably charge if, encountering the same problem.

If your wiper breaks druing the rainy season due, to putting off the situation. You could get in an accident or at the very least. Calling a tow truck to tow your car home for inoperative wiper. How much time, money not, to mention embarassment would that cost you? Confidence that the job was done right and will last long time-priceless. You're still ahead.
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