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Re: previous AC question about flushing and AC oil...

Originally posted by Geof
Don't take this the wrong way, but I have built from the ground up many Lotus racing engines, suspensions, and transmissions in my earlier years for our racing team. I have never worked on AC, as it is not often found in Lotus 41's, Elans, Europa's built for racing. One uses these forums to educate oneself. If one cannot ask basic questions on a subject in a new field, then knowledge is not attainable, and the learning curve dies. It is not that this person is incapable of learning. I think once I have the information, I would be able to make the right choice as to weather I should proceed or not.

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I don't take your comments the wrong way at all. In fact, I encourage everyone to learn from these forums. I have learned so much on this forum, that some that read my posts may think that I am actually a tech, or have done the job myself. I should probably put the following in my signature:

"I'm not a technician. I just spent the night in a Holiday Inn Express". :p

I have just read several bad stories on this site about people trying to diagnose and fix a/c problems and got way in over their head real quick, and caused several thousand dollars damage.

You are obviously very experienced on working on cars (more so than me) and surely can judge for yourself whether or not you have the ability to do the job.

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