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M D Nugent
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Exhaust resonator (middle of the car muffler)

Has anyone removed just the center muffler (resonator) of a MB system that had one stock? If so, what difference did it make:
- in terms of loudness out the tailpipe?
- in terms of tone quality out the tailpipe?
- in terms of cabin resonance at steady speeds?

If it's just there to quiet things down, I'll replace mine with a Y-pipe and single 3" pipe back to the rear muffler area, where it would feed a single inlet, dual outlet Flowmaster Series 50 Delta Flow (their quietest muffler):

If the resonator (middle muffler) cancels out some cheesy harmonics, I may reconsider and put the Y-pipe behind it.

And if anyone can explain - in terms of loudness, tone, or cabin resonance - why there may be an advantage to scaling back the single pipe from 3" to 2.5" I may consider doing that, too.

The engine is a 5.6 from a 560SEL if that matters.

Thanks for the input,

M D "Doc" Nugent
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