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84 380 sl timing chain replacement

hello all

i have read all the replies
digested the information
am having the t/chain replaced as i type this ( 99500 mi )

as stated previously / ( 84/380sl timing chaim 99k )

think i found a decent mechanic
left the car mon/the 11 th - will be finished this wk

i would not have know about the t chain if not for this site and the people who visit

thanks for all the information and help
its only through the replies by informed and knowledgeable people, that people like myself (new to the mercedes car) can better understand the mechanics of the mercedes, along with the things to look for when something go wrong.

will let you know if there is any noticeable difference with the new chain.

one other think

noticed a slit bang when putting into gear from park
asked the mechanic to chech the universal joint
the car hasn t any
didn t know it had the rubber collar akin to the old volvos 122s - p1800 i have had both - loved those - did all the work myself


ps - i included a picture of my car last post - no remarks ?
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