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Help with Vacuum system..what did I do?..'85 300td

1985 300td
I was poking around under the hood last night (mainly in the area near the injection pump), where there is coincidentally a bunch of vacuum lines which I had to shove out of my way. Now, the car won't stop when the ignition is turned off, the door locks don't work, and the transmission shift a lot "tighter": sometimes it feels fine but other times it shift at too low of speed and the rear end kinda "thunks". Everything works fine in the HVAC system but the lower vents aren't blowing any air now either. I looked at all vacuum lines the best I could (without getting under car) and noticed a few unplugged, but plugging them in didn't fix anything. Any ideas on what I may have done?? Thanks in advance.
'85 300td Frybrid WVO Kit
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