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Recommended parts supplier

I recently had a very favorable experience with a parts supplier I found on the internet called ********. They are located in Arizona. I ordered a stock Bosche coil for my 91 420 SEL from them and specified UPS red (overnight delivery). The part was delivered 2 days later and the coil was not a direct replacement as ordered. The coil looked to be a mirror image of the one on my car but was otherwise correct. I assumed it was intended for a RHD car and since I needed to replace mine, I installed it. I had to extend the connecting wires but otherwise the coil worked fine.
I e-mailed them to complain about the late delivery and the incorrect coil just to let them know I was a disappointed customer. I didn't ask that any action be taken on their part and considered the matter over.
To my surprise they contacted me at home and later by e-mail to explain that I had placed my order well after the UPS pickup time required for next day delivery which is clearly indicated on their website. As such, the part could not be shipped the day ordered but was indeed shipped and received overnight the next day. To compensate, they credited my credit card for the full cost of shipping despite the fact that it was my error in not understanding the shipping requirements, not theirs. Additionally, they researched the reason the wrong part was shipped and found that Bosche was carrying the wrong part number for my car. They contacted the OEM and got them to correct their database and, (get this) felt it was only right to ship me the correct part at no cost to me. They even said I didn't have to return the incorrect coil! I was blown away by their unsolicited efforts to correct problems that were not their fault just to make me a satisfied customer. It was my first order with them but won't be my last.

PS : Prices appear equal or less than Rusty's.
PSS : Usual disclaimers, ie, I have no affiliation whatsoever with ********. Just a satisfied customer endorsement.
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