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Replacing plastic heads of keys

Here's probably the simplest mechanical question to be asked in ShopForum for the entire year of 2002:

The former owner of our household's 380SL managed to twist the plastic head of the car's master key hard enough to tear it, way back when. He had bought but not installed a new key head (which I would call a "fob", and which the bag calls a "bow") when we picked up the car.

I promptly lost the replacement, and as a quick fix, simply glued the old head back together with cyanoacrylate. But that's been giving up the ghost, and the key is increasingly loose in its seat. It's fallen out once -- very fortunately, in a well lighted place where I was paying attention! Time for a permanent fix.

Just found the replacement again, in the nick of time, and was trying to get the key into it. Well, the key goes right in, but there's a little plastic retaining tang that's obviously designed to snap in behind it, and I can't for the life of me figure out how to get the tang in without applying potentially damaging levels of force.


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