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I took a look at the procedure on the CD

And now I have a lot more questions....

Taking the valve covers off seems pretty straightforward.

As does removing the alternator and power steering pump on their brackets.

Now... marking the chain and sprockets seems simple enough.

Here is where the questions come in.

Does the sprocket simply remove by removing the bolt that appears to hold it on?

Also is there enough slack in the chain to reattach the sprocket?

I noticed the caution about reinstalling it with the "collar" facing the wrong way.

Now I assume the washer / bolt trick to get the bearing pins out is simply a matter of threading the bolt onto the inside of the pin, and using washers between the pin and the head, to apply force to pull the pin out?

Next, How do you get the pins back in once you have swapped out the guides?? I couldn't seem to find any mention of that in the service manual... Are they just a friction fit?

Also there are three 131mm guides in the heads. Two on the drivers (left) side head, and one in the passengers (right) side head. Are those the ones that are succeptible to deterioration and failure?

There also appear to be two plastic slide rails in the lower part of the engine, near the crankshaft sprocket, specifially #87 or #79 on 340/3 from the 116 engine manual on the cd. - Should these also be replaced or do these not pose a problem?

It seems as though it would be a lot easier if the timing chain cover didnt have to come off....

The more I look at this, I get somewhat more confident, yet somewhat more intimidated at the same time.

Also does anyone have a parts list for this? I would like to order the stuff from fastlane - I will take a look and see what I can amass.

So far I'm thinking -

3 new 131mm guides
Timing Chain
Possibly a chain tensioner - If i can somehow get to that lower pin
Valve Cover gaskets

Did I miss anything obvious?

Thanks again,

George Androulakis

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