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OK, I am still having trouble with this tranny staying in 2nd for much longer than necessary.

I have had the unit rebuilt, checked and set the Bowden cable, checked the solenoid that apparently controls this first shift, all seem ok.

The first time I take it out, it just will not shift until its RPMs get way on up there 4500 or higher. Doesn't change by the time ALL my other cars do on the same section of road.

Once I can get it to shift into 3 and subsequent shifts 3 -4 and 4 -5 are smooth.

If I stop at a light, the next 2 -3 shift is smooth, around the 2500 - 3000 range. Transmission shifts into 5 easily around 55 - 60mph and drops right down to about 2200 RPM.

If I switch off the engine for less than 5 seconds the first change is still good, but if I SWITCH OFF FOR LONGER THAN 5 SECONDS, it reverts back to this long shift between 2 and 3.

Is there some timer that controls this shift as well as the RPM and Temp.,

Could it be that the is a sensor that is not working correctly and it is reset after this short switch off period?

One more thing, it sounds like the fuel pump does not switch off or cycle down during the times I am at idle, does this signify some controller problem that might be at fault and these are just the symptoms of it failing?

Also, I have read elsewhere that the 300SL, although not as good as the 500SL, is not that sluggish when you floor it...this car seems to drag just a second or so before kicking in, is this normal? Can this be also tied to the tranny issue?

It is driving me nuts!

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