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Ok that cleared the replacement of the pin issue up... More Questions

Now you mention the keyway on the cam sprocket. Can you elaborate on what that is? I'm not familliar with that terminology.

I'm assuming keeping correct time is a matter of marking chain and sprockets. Once the guides are replaced, and the sprockets put back on, set the chain over the sprockets so the dots line up again? Is that correct?

Also this may be a stupid question, but I'm assuming at some point that when you replace the sprocket, you would allign it so that when you tighten down the bolt, the mark lines up with the chain. - basically my question is there enough space between the teeth on the sprocket that a missalignment of the chain and the sprocket once replaced would be obvious?

Additionally what I'm trying to determine is if the lower guides (ones by the crankshaft sprocket) are also as vulnerable in causing a catastrophic failure, as the upper guides in the heads that are notorious for breaking off....

Finally, will the pins come loose at some point? Or will they have to be yanked out the entire way?

The determination of rolling a new chain in or not will I guess be made while I am in there.... If the chain is fairly streched I suppose it would be best to replace it.

If it seems intact, I would want to replace the guides, as that is what has me holding my breath every time I start the car (since most of the failures have been at idle upon startup).

Sorry for all the amateuristic questions, but I just want to make sure I clear any doubts I have in my head before I actually go tearing into the car.

Thanks again for all the help.

George Androulakis

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