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2.3-16V valvecovers & such

Does anyone have the part number for the 2.3-16V valve cover?

I have inspected the 2.5-16V cover and it's different from the 2.3-16V's by that I mean the labels and logos are cast into the cover in the 2.5 while on the earlier 2.3's it was more like stick on's.

Are the 2.3 and 2.5 valve covers interchangable?

Btw, I've found a used 2.5-16V complete cylinder head for sale.
My car is a 2.3-16V. Are there any difference in the cams, springs etc. between the 2? I only know the timing chains are double on the 2.5's. Any benefits of installing a top half of 2.5 on a 2.3 lower? Exhaust cam ends near the timing chain side appears different, mine have extensions to run the hydralic pump for SLS while the 2.5head I found the cam ends are different ( non attached to pump drive?).

whats the engine no. code for 2.5-16V. I believe the 2.3's were 102.983.

any info on the technical difference between the 2 would be helpful.I would swap in a 2.5-16V if it's a possible drop in conversion.


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