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Andras Nagy
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This kind of question can be answered only by you and you alone. Others can give you answers about the cost of doing this or that, but only you can "value" or evaluate what a fix can mean.

For instance, if you were to buy a replacement car for your 190, how much would you have to pay? How much do you think you will get for the 190 without an engine? Is your 190 "special" enough for you to repair it? How long has it been in the family, and have you put lots of money into it already?

In short, you really ought to"do the numbers" and compare things. Compare the cost of repairs, using short blocks, using remanufactured motors, using repairing only those things that have to be repaired (remember that the rest of your car is "used", and it may make sense to buy "used" parts, unless you think replacing everything will get you a new car). And for how much longer will you want your 190 to last you before you replace it?

So the real question is, do you like your 190 enough to repair it, or are you really looking for an excuse to replace it? Only you can answer this one. Get as much information about the process as you can (costs, amortizations, etc), and then make your decision.......Andras
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