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Originally posted by mcdill
I thought that if your car had an airbag, you had to remove it in order to get to the fan. Does it simply just require you to remove the passenger side vent?? I think I need a new fan and am very hesitant to mess with airbags, so this may be good news for me.

'94 E320
I watched my mechanic remove my aspirator motor on two separate occasions. Once to pull it out to diagnose the problem, and then the following weekend to install the new one. The passenger side airbag is not removed. With the help of a flashlight and plastic sticks, he pulled on the tabs inside the vent, and pulled the vent out. He reached in with his hand and pulled out the aspirator motor. He disconnected the cord, installed the new one, pushed the motor back into place, and snapped back on the vent. It took maybe 20 minutes.

It seems obvious from Mike and DHA's posts that doing this on a W126 might be different, but the way it is removed on a W124 is exactly as I have described. The link I posted on the website describes this in the same way that my mechanic did it.

From what my mechanic said, I walked away with the understanding that the temp sensor is up in the headliner near the vent opening, and that air is sucked up through the side air vent, not the other way around.
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