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Thank you MBDOC, but...

...that's not it. The car has the outboard 30A strip fuse protecting the blower circuit. (I nevertheless pulled the 25 Amp fuse from that external holder as advised, started engine, and blower motor still runs fine.) Mystery remains!

After my original posting, I did a more thorough search online and found a few others asking the same question about this apparently undocumented component in their vehicles. No definitive answers supplied to any of them either. Seems this same dual fuse holder gets used in multiple MB models for differing reasons. As noted previously, in my case ('91 Euro Edition 560SEL), only one of the holder's two receptacles is presently filled. Not sure if this is by design, or whether an additional fuse should be inserted. (Maybe it'll activate the gull wing door feature...)

I can obviously fiddle around until I figure this out by trial & error; but it would be really great if someone could offer up the definitive answer.

Always appreciate this board!

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