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Thumbs up GOT IT!!!

Thank you gentlemen!

Turns out that external fuse IS for the heated seats after all. I incorrectly responded to pwogaman's earlier post based on the fact that I saw the indicators on the seat warmer switch light-up. I didn't sit around long enough to see if the coils actually heated. Indeed, with the fuse removed, the indicator lights on the switch still work, but no heated seats. Reinstall the fuse, and fannies are again warm!

Armed with this info, I returned to the service manual to discover that the external fuse holder actually is correctly depicted in the seat warmer schematic (really helps when one knows what one is looking for!)

While the schematic shows that indeed there should only be a single fuse inserted in the dual module, it SHOULD be a 16 Amp fuse--NOT the 25 Amp one currently inserted in my car's receptacle. I'm making the switchover now to the correctly rated fuse.

Thanks again for helping me to so easily resolve this one. GREAT!

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