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Exclamation HELP - T-Chain R&R Q's - Car's Apart!

I started this morning with the replacement of the timing chain, tensioner, upper guide rails, valve stem seals, and cam oiler on my '87 560SEL. After about 8 hours with the assistance of a friend, I have gotten everything apart, the chain in and I think timed correctly (no interference when we turned the engine over afterwards), the cam oilers replaced, the tensioner out (came out during the chain swap to make things a little easier), and one of the guides replaced.

As you probably guessed by the subject header, I've now run into some trouble spots that I'd like some advice on...
1. The pin for the tensioner guide rail is much larger than the others and we're puzzling over how it is removed. Is it a threaded connection just like the smaller pins or does it have an Allen or Torx head to it?
2. Can the tensioner guide be removed without removing the right cam sprocket? If not (which is what I've read most places), is it possible to remove the sprocket and get it out of the way without breaking the chain again (I really don't want to have to find that master link again)?
3. Is the chain length an exact multiple of the valve timing? In otherwords, should the master link find its way back to the markes we made on the sprocket or not?

Thanks in advance for everyone's help. I've been taking some pictures as the project proceeds and will attempt to post them once everything is completed. Dispite the questions above, the process is not too hard - I hope I'm not scaring anyone off who is considering such a project.


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