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W210 Shock saga

I have a 98 E320 4-MATIC at a Mercedes mechanic. It was determined that the two front shocks were goners. The mechanic quoted me $151 per side (ok list price) plus $95 for labor to install. After a week the car is now ready but the mechanic said that the shocks were special and cost $175 each and that it took him over 3 hours ($238) to install both.

When I mentioned the quoted price he gave me the option of having my old shocks put back on. I want to be fair here but I don't want to be taken either.

Can someone tell me if front shocks on this car are special and if 3.4 hours labor for installation is reasonable.

I got a look at the bill. The part number of the shocks that he installed is 210.320.36.30 - looks like a M-B part number, the part number on Fastlane is L4000-68403 (a Bistein part number?). Do these parts interchange? Fastlane also lists a mounting kit. Is that some kind of installation tool?

Anyone ever replace shocks on this type of car?

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