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Nick is right, its only the brake light one. Besides, I run 50 watts on my brake lights, reverse lights, and 100/80 watt Xenon (not HID) on my 9004 bulbs. These are not the super white or blue coated bulbs, but atually have xenon gas inside and don't have a filament that is responsible for alot of fuses burning out due to heat build up. On the 50 watts ones, I had only the one hooked up in my 3rd brake light and it kept blowing out because I didn't balance the other 2 in the tail lights. Once I did that no problem for about 4 months with the xenons and 2 years+ with the 50 watt Halongen bulbs.

Good Luck.

(I have a 93, and I have heard anybody who has anything older then a 90 might have problems because the car might have older wiring harnesses or something, So see what happens.)

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