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I think I threw a brake rotor

Hello friends:

1993 190e 2.6

Can someone help me figure out if I threw a brake rotor? For the last few months since I had my new brakes put on in April, I have been having problems with the brakes. Here are the conditions:

1. Moderate braking at higher speeds (above 50) will yield an almost scraping-like feel followed by a rumble.

2. If I apply the brakes very slowly at or above 50, the brakes will work normally - the scraping/rumbling feel like in #1 is kinda there, but much much less.

3. Brake pressure and firmness is fine -- no problems there.

I'm thinking that there must be a rotor that got warped somehow. They're really new (replaced in April), so I don't know how they would have gotten warped. I don't apply the brakes hard, so there were no emergency stops.

If it is the brake rotor, should I just live with the rumble/vibration until I need new brake pads and then have the pads and rotors replaced again, or should I replace the bad rotor(s) now as they might cause damage to other brake components?

Thanks for everyone's help.

Take care-
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