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Unhappy Runs poorly when warmed up

I am perplexed and need the help of some of you old CIS guys.

I have a 1985 380 SE that I just got back runing. It sat for about a year waiting to get the block drilled, tapped and helicoiled after the head bolts pulled.

Anyway, the problem I'm having is that it cranks fine, and runs great when it is cold. It has plenty of power and runs smooth as silk. When it warms up however it runs very rough and won't pull a greasy string out of a cat's ass. As soon as the engine gets cold again it is back to running wonderfully.

I did a search for this type of problem and found a reference to "tweaking" the warm up regulator but I could not find this "tweak" anywhere. Does anyone know where to find this?

Any help would be greatly apreciated

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