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Unhappy Hah! Update on 190e revival. Mo problems

Recently I've been trying to revive my 1987 190e 2.6 that I left for dead eight months ago. I have put on a new distributor cap, plugs, had a minor tune up, replaced the catalytic converter assembly and also put on new brakes and rotors.

I went to pick up the car today, drove it around for probably less than two minutes in the parking lot and then parked it while I went to settle my bill ($1200 by the way) when I came back I noticed the car was dripping coolant fluid. Now I parked this car in front of my house for eight months and the only thing it dripped was oil and according to the mechanic it didn't drip coolant at all, everything seemed fine until I drove it for two minutes. They did some kind of pressure test on the car to make sure it wasn't a loose hose, the mechanic's guess for now is a water pump but he won't be able to tell me for sure till tommorow.

The dripping which is about every 30 seconds is coming from underneath the car right about in the middle.

At this point I'm a little frustrated, I don't want to sink any more money in the car and I'm considering selling it based on the mechanic's diagnosis.

Any ideas on what the leak might be, from where the water pump is located I can tell it's gonna be expensive to replace it.

Thanks for your advice, I love the car, only stranded me once in five years.
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