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Well .... if it is the water pump, these things tend to go about any time ... It could be related to just sitting for that long a time and its seals getting dry.

My opinion: Whether you keep it or sell it, ask the mech what the water pump replacement deal is? If they say $450, make them an offer. You just paid them good money for good work. I bet they'd work with you.

What you want is a "negotiated situation"- that is ….

-You just picked up your car and now the water pump is leaking …
-It probably doesn't have anything to do with what they just did to the car … the car sat for 8 months getting all dried up ….
-You are disappointed that you now have to put MORE money into it …
-You do want the car to continue to run properly, whether keeping or selling it …
…. You have another car that will need service ….
……….ask them to help you out. "Make me a deal on the water pump…"
-No matter what they quote, counter with a reasonable offer.

You may be surprised.

My 2 cents .... Haasman
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