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300E lamp bulb warning light intermittent problem / cruise control

Hi everyone!

I am having a problem with the exterior warning light indicator in the dash on my 86' 300E.

For the past six months or so the lamp failure indicator in the dash turns on and off intermittently when the headlights are switched on. On several occasions I have circled the outside of the car trying to locate the so-called burnt out bulb but cannot locate it- every bulb is lit!

Does anyone have any suggestions or been through similar experiences that might shed light on this situation?

Also, I have heard that sometimes surging cruise control has been connected to lamp failure. My cruise control will accel, but not maintain speed. I have checked all the rear bulbs (except the high-mount) to make sure they are silver based bulbs.

Thanks in advance for any help anyone can give on these problems. You are all great!

05 E55
03 E500
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