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Oh my blood pressure!!! Iím finally getting around to pulling the head off today. I just got my 300e back out of the sick bed with a new water pump. Now it's got a chirping sound coming from the belt tensioner. I'm kicking myself for not changing it.

Is it just me or do others here find that they severely start talking to themselves or have an on slot of temporary turrets syndrome while working on their Benz. Soon as my hood goes up on my Benzís, the windows of my neighbors house slowing slide shut. I really do like fixing my own cars, itís just when that socket wrench gets that awful feeling just before a bolt head snaps off or it just wonít budge. Drives me a tad crazy.

I just want to get this post back up for all you willing to help me through this head gasket. I'll post back around lunch 12:00est to let you know my whereabouts and progress. Wish me luck.
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