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Michael, are you generally pleased with your wagon?


This month ends the first three years we've had it. When we got it, it had 60,000 miles. Today it has 90,000 miles.

The Starmark had been a key feature going to my happiness. As part of the 90k service, I had my indie check everything the dealer has done over the past three years. Knock on wood, I think that everything that goes bad has been replaced under Starmark. I hope to have the car for many more years and have my fingers crossed.

For us, it's the ultimate family car. While it's main job is a kid short hauler, it also does duty as grand tourer and pickup truck. It does all these jobs superbly. Performance is balanced and is more than adequate. Cruising at 75 mph returns about 25 mpg (without the roof rack cross bars or cargo carrier attached). However, push it much past that, and mpg goes down quickly.

Relative to a mini van, the seating area is obviously not as large. Visiting us for the weekend, my brother in law took his wife and three kids on a couple hour trip. They are used to their van and hated it. He said they felt cramped and were used to being able to walk between rows of seats. My wife, kids, and I are skinny. For us it’s just the right size.

I checked my records last night. To fix the leaking window, the dealer’s internal body shop replaced the molding and the trim piece that fits around the window. It has not leaked for two years.


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