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Our Starmark warranty is also up this month, we also purchased it in November, in 2000. The reason I asked about liking it, is there have been several issues with ours. Maybe just one of those wagons.

Lots of interior pieces not right, for example the passenger B column cover wants to work its way of the pillar, Starmark wouldn't pay for it.

Radio and speakers: Both rear door speakers have failed and the radio volume control doesn't want to work if it is below 60 degrees. Again, Starmark wouldn't pay for it.

The right-rear window leak: I was told Starmark wouldn't pay for it.

Starmark did pay for new rear shocks and for removing all the seats and re-sewing the seat cover padding that had worked itself backwards in all the seats, except the third.

I have always like the Benz wagons. I have not wanted to mini-van it because 90+% of the time our vehicle has only two or three people in it.

One of my favorite stories about its utility is when we purchased a new washer and dryer. Well we needed a washer but the combo deal was too good to pass up. But we had to transport them and it was an anticipated pain to move each one separately. I did a quick measure and determined I could fit both the full-sized washer and dryer in the car with the seats down, rear headrests out and the front seats pulled forward a little bit! We had a crowed around the car, staring in disbelief!

So overall you have had good experience? Have you had any interior work done under Starmark?

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