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I would say overall, yes.
At 108k, I expect a few niggles here and there, most of which I can and have already tinkered with.

It's such a grand car to drive, feels so nice and solid, and is perfect for us: with two medium size dogs and no kids. We wanted something really unique, stylish in a grown-up way, and comfy; no way was I going to drive an SUV, ever.

The real eye-opener was the warranty history that a local dealer printed out for me free of charge, yowsa!!

2 pages of repairs for 2 prior leasees, I'm glad I wasn't either of those 2 folks.

I still have yet to work out an arrangement with my dealer/mechanic over the harness, which is clearly defective, but still functioning. Just been too busy; and he is in the middle of totally rebuilding his facility, so there is no place to really work on a vehicle under cover.

Despite the really negative vibe I get from MBUSA, I am a True Believer, with a long-standing fascination with the 124 platform, and want to get the max utility and enjoyment out of this wagon for a long time to come.
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